SESAR Innovation Days 2019

Call for Contributions now open!

Call for Contributions (papers, posters and exhibits):

This year’s SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) will be hosted by the University of Piraeus and the National Centre of Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos” in Athens, Greece, during the week of 02-06 December 2019. The main conference will take place from 03-05 December and will showcase results from European exploratory research and discuss how to advance promising concepts towards industrial research within the SESAR innovation pipeline. The SIDs are based on an open call soliciting contributions from ATM research. Exhibitions and poster, keynotes and networking events will provide further opportunities to learn about interesting projects and meet like-minded researchers.

Researchers from universities, research institutions, airlines, air traffic service providers and industry are invited to submit papers (up to 8 pages) presenting exploratory research within the areas of interest listed below. Papers will be evaluated based on the innovative nature of the ideas, as well as the approach and methods applied.

Areas of interest include:
● Safety, security and resilience
● Automation, autonomy and robotics
● Human factors and decision support tools
● Uncertainty, applied modelling and optimisation techniques
● Complexity, data science and information management
● Machine learning and artificial intelligence
● Aviation economics and business models
● Legal and regulatory aspects and the ATM innovation process
● ATM operations, architecture and performance
● Airspace design and network and flow management
● High performing airport operations
● Advanced air traffic services
● Innovative approaches in environment and meteorology
● Integrated solutions for communications, navigation and surveillance (iCNS)
● Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management

All papers (including SESAR contributions) will be peer-reviewed to ensure that high standards are maintained. The proceedings will be available for download in electronic form on both the event website and SESAR JU website prior to the event. All SIDs papers are listed in Elsevier’s Scopus database. A special edition in a renowned ATM research journal will be published with selected articles from SIDs 2019.

Call for posters and exhibits: partners from academia and industry are invited to submit proposals for posters (max 2 posters per subject) and technical exhibits or demonstrations. As well as showing innovative solutions to traditional problems of air traffic management, posters and exhibits may also address wider air transport and air traffic issues, including drone traffic management. Proposals of one page shall be submitted with a detailed description of the subject matter.

Poster/exhibit submission deadline: 13 September 2019
Paper submission deadline: 27 September 2019

SESAR Young Scientist Award 2019

Applications open for SESAR Young Scientist Award:

Are you a young scientist undertaking research in the field of air traffic management (ATM) and aviation? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent? If yes, then look no further… the SESAR Young Scientist Award is designed for people like you.

The SESAR Young Scientist Award 2019 (YSA 2019) aims to recognise young scientists with high potential contributing to the scientific research in the field of air traffic management and aviation. In addition, the award also provides a mechanism for further personal development.

Any Young Scientist who has contributed to scientific achievements within the area of ATM and aviation within their
● Bachelor thesis defended not more than 18 months before the date of publication of the present Call, or
● Master thesis defended not more than 18 months before the date of publication of the present Call, or
● PhD thesis defended not more than 18 months before the date of publication of the present Call; or
● ongoing PhD,

and who are a citizen or a resident in an EU Member State or an Associated Country to the Horizon2020 Research and Development Framework Programme (H2020) are eligible to apply.

YSA 2019 application deadline: 06 September 2019

Summer schools

To coordinate with other Engage activities, such as catalyst-funded projects and PhDs, the four-day summer schools will be organised in years 2-4 of the KTN, i.e. August or September of 2019-2021 inclusive.

The first summer school will take place 09-13 September 2019, in Belgrade, Serbia. This will include tutorials on key ATM concepts and challenges as well as on research methodologies, including case studies and presentations of prominent SESAR exploratory research projects.

Further information


03-06 September 2019, Athens, Greece – 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space
11-12 September 2019, Munich, Germany – mobil.TUM 2019 – Transportation Systems of the Future
18-20 September 2019, Hamburg, Germany – 6th International Air Transport and Operations Symposium (ATOS)
24-26 September 2019, Brussels, Belgium – European Research and Innovation Days
26 September 2019, Brussels, Belgium – Sustainable Pathway to Future Aviation
09-11 October 2019, Dublin, Ireland – 47th European Transport Conference (ETC)
06-08 November 2019, Vienna, Austria – 8th European Aviation Conference (EAC)
12-13 November 2019, Budapest, Hungary – 8th International Conference on Air Transport (INAIR)
02-06 December 2019, Athens, Greece – SESAR Innovation Days 2019 (SIDs)
12-16 January 2020, Washington D.C., USA – 99th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB)
25-28 February 2020, Bordeaux, France – 1st Aerospace Europe Conference 2020 (AEC)
10-12 March 2020, Madrid, Spain – World ATM Congress 2020
27-30 April 2020, Helsinki, Finland – TRA2020 – Transport Research Arena
12-17 May 2020, Berlin, Germany – AEROdays 2020 – 9th European Aeronautics Days
14-15 May 2020, Rome, Italy – Research Workshop: Interdependencies within ATM Performance in the context of a dynamic environment


● The Engage thematic workshops (details here) kicked-off in autumn 2018 and are linked with the thematic challenges. Further details and booking information for the second series of workshops are now available. Locations and topics are:

05 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium – Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM
12 November 2019, Madrid, Spain – Novel and more effective allocation markets in ATM
02 December 2019, Athens, Greece (co-located with SIDs) – Data-driven trajectory prediction
A fourth, cybersecurity workshop, on Vulnerabilities and global security of the CNS/ATM system, will follow in 2020.

● We’re working on bringing you a comprehensive list of other workshops and events. Meanwhile, please note:

29 August 2019, Enschede, The Netherlands – VUTURA workshop – Game of Drones
09–10 September 2019, London, UK – ATM liberalisation: The catalysts for change?
10 September 2019, Munich, Germany (co-located with mobil.TUM 2019) – On-demand and Shared Mobility Policy
13 September 2019, Munich, Germany (co-located with mobil.TUM 2019) – On-demand and Shared Mobility Research
13 September 2019, Munich, Germany (co-located with mobil.TUM 2019) – 1st workshop on Application of System Dynamics (SD) in Mobility and Transportation
13 September 2019, Munich, Germany (co-located with mobil.TUM 2019) – 1st workshop on Urban Air Mobility in Future Transport Environments
03 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium – Cities and Metropolitan Airport Areas: Looking for New Approaches
27 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium – Sustainable Fuels for Aviation in Europe


Coming soon …

● European postgraduate university programmes (descriptions of courses offered, typical numbers of postgraduate students, numbers of faculty and other authorised research supervisors, etc.).
● Key contacts.
● Meanwhile, please note:

02-10 October 2019, Nicolosi, Italy – Convective and Volcanic Clouds detection, monitoring and modeling training school

Jobs and internships

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